Fire Protection and Asbestos Abatement

Fire Protection: Partitions

According to the present building laws, buildings must be divided into different fire areas. The different intersections of fire-area building walls and ceilings are to be supplied with adequate partition arrangements in order to guarantee an adequate fire resistance time.

With the use of general building-inspected and approved materials, we complete various building component enforcements (e.g. cables, pipes etc.) by our trained and experienced specialists according to the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Structural Engineering) or special admission for individual cases.

Fire Protection: Coatings

Steel in its forms and dimensions is generally not a flammable building material. However, when heated over 500°C, it loses its adequate carrying capacity.

This process can be delayed by applying so-called fire protection coatings. Therefore we offer coatings or sheathings from F30 to F90 including all ancillary services in order to raise the fire resistance rating.

This comprises a surface preparation for a coating in our blasting hall or on the object on site.

Services according to DIN 4102

  1. Fire protection in expansion
    Classified suspended ceilings (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Classified wall systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F180)
    Classified paneling systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Fire protection glazing (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Fire protection glazing (Fire resistance class G30 – G90)
    Door systems (Fire resistance class T30 – T90)
    Jointless systems (Fire resistance class F90)
  2. Electro foreclosure
    Mineral fiber foreclosure (Fire resistance class S30 – S90)
    Cable mortar foreclosure (Fire resistance class S120)
    System stone foreclosure (Fire resistance class S30 – S90)
    Cable clothing (Fire resistance class I30 – I90)
    Cable clothing (Fire resistance class E30 – E90)
    Conductor rail clothing (Fire resistance class E30 – E90)
    Facing doors for undercoverings (Fire resistance class E30 – E90)
  3. Pipeline foreclosure
    Pipeline bulkheads for non-flammable tubes (Fire resistance class R90 / LAR)
    Pipeline bulkheads for flammable tubes(Fire resistance class)
    Pipe kombi foreclosure (Fire resistance class R/S90)
  4. Ventilation foreclosure
    Sheet steel duct coverings (Fire resistance class L30 – L90)
    Undependant air ducts (Fire resistance class L30 – L90)
    Fire damper and valves (Fire resistance class L30 – L90)
    Smoke outlet duct / Ventile (Fire resistance class L30 – L90)
    Maintenance and refurbishment of fire dampers
  5. Steel fire protection / coating
    Steel coating systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Steel clothing systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Shotcrete systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    for the strengthening of concrete parts
  6. Construction Supervision and quality assurance
  7. Experts
    Fire protection experts, fire protection professional planners, fire protection specialists, member GBA

All services will be made according to current level of engineering in compliance with DIN 4102 and the respective authorizations, or accordingly testing credentials.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos was named “wonder fiber” in the past, because it possesses high cohesiveness, is heat and acid resistant and can be interwoven. With these qualifications, asbestos could be used in the insulation industy, construction industry and in preventative construction fire protection. In the meantime, asbestos has been recognized as a hazardous material due to its strong health-endangering qualities and its use is prohibited in Germany as well as in other countries. Stromberg Surface Technology offers comprehensive service to abate and deconstruct asbestos.

In Germany there is a difference between weakly bound and firmly bound asbestos products. During the cleaning process, these differences adhere to special requirements and authorizations. As a leading company, we obtain all necessary authorizations according to TRGS 519 and the local government of Düsseldorf according to the Hazardous Material Ordiance §9 Sect. 12 as well as competent and trained specialists.

  • Expertise
  • Professional demolition, cleansing and maintenance according to TRGS 519 annex 3
  • Engineering Expert

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