Acid Build with Stromberg‘s ’know-how’

To guarantee this, our company offers the special services of acid build for concrete and steel also known as ‘difficult corrosion protection’. Stromberg Surface Technology is authorized as a certified specialist according to the Wasserhaltsgesetz (WHG) (Water Resource Law) §19 I. Furthermore we are a member of the Bundesverband Korrosionsschutz (Federal Association of Corrosion Protection) as well as the Gütegemeinschaft Erhaltung Bauwerke (Quality Control Association for Preservation of Construction) for concrete restoration.

A precise analysis of the bedrock and requirements of practical experience decide the system setup. In coordination with our clients, we choose the technically and economically most adequat coating system out of a large spectrum of materials.

Coating System

  • Verified coating system on the basis of polyurethane, epoxide resin, polyester resin, vinyl ester resin and furan resin as well as silicates
  • Fitting of acid resistant ceramics, carbon bricks and molded bricks
  • Lamination of coatings with glass fiber mat (GFK)
  • Construction Site Ruberization
  • Acid resistant jointing based on WHG §19 I

Preparation and Spectrum of Services

  • Bedrock preparation as well as concrete restoration and re-profiling
  • Assembling of dense coat and sealant coat
  • Fitting of strip coat from ceramic material
  • Use of e.g. LAU and HBV equipment

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