Corrosion Protection – Protect and preserve Assets!

Professional corrosion treatment protects and preserves economical and cultural assets.

An impressive Example: the Eiffel Tower in Paris
It’s a fact: steel rusts! To outlast 120 years undamaged, the steel construction needs to be repainted every seven years with brushes and rolls by 25 French Corrosion Protectors. Thanks to these measures, one can still say:

“La Tour Eiffel est éternelle” – The Eiffel Tower is forever!

We have been dealing with corrosion on metal surfaces for many years now. We have all necessary accreditations to examine and work on your object ‘on site’ as well as to find an individual solution for you. Regardless of your object’s size, we guarantee an on-schedule and peak performance.

Surface Preparation
(according to DIN ISO 12944 Teil 4, coated and uncoated surfaces-purity grade)

  • Rust removal by hand
  • Rust removal by hand with equipment support
  • Dry blast removal, including extraction unit with firm blasting abrasive (granules, steel shot, glass beads)
  • Wet blast rust removal with firm blasting abrasive and water addition 15-25 l/h
  • Sweep blasting with firm blasting abrasive abrading of coated surfaces
  • Water-pressure blasting only with water, up to 2,500 bar
  • Vacuum blasting, dust-free blasting of floor surfaces including extraction unit
  • Recycling blasting, including treatment plant, blasting with multiple blasting abrasive (steel shot, corundum, garnet sand)

Coating / Applications

  • Treatment by hand with
    • paint brushes • brushes • paint rollers
  • Treatment by spraying
    • Air-pressure sprying • 2 element, airless sprying • 2 element, airless sprying including heating
  • Coating procedure
    • 1 element synthetic resin system • 1 element acrylic ester system • 1 element zinc dust system • 2 element epoxide resin • 2 element PUR system (polyurethane) • hot spraying system PUR

Industrial Glazing
(construction glazing of standing and horizontal openings)

  • Roof glazing
    • Wire glass • Shatterproof glass • Polycarbonate as single-paned glass or double-skinned sheet
  • Window glazing
    • Amored glass • Shatterproof glass • Polycarbonate as single-paned glass or double-skinned sheet

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